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Why Take Online Classes at University of Oregon?

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It’s not uncommon that many students take full- or part-time jobs while going to college.

Time is vital for them. They may be wondering whether it’s possible or not to earn credits without stepping into a classroom. Of course yes! Online classes allow students to earn legitimate college credits without going to school on a regular basis. They can be as well as an easy way to lighten your actual physical class load during the semester.

Students who decide to take online college classes usually want to find out the benefits of taking classes online. The first and probably the most popular reason for taking online classes is greater flexibility and convenience. In addition, there’re a wider variety of options available. Now, most colleges and universities do offer online courses, giving students more selections. If you still have no idea of which to choose, why not consider enrolling in University of Oregon’s online classes?

The University of Oregon provides unique opportunities for students to take Distance Education courses. There’re many reasons involved when you decide to take Distance Education classes from University of Oregon. Learn about the benefits below and you won’t regret your decision.

Desired Flexibility

The University of Oregon’s Distance Education classes are provided online. You can take classes anywhere from Internet access is available. These online courses are designed to serve students who may be constrained from attending classes on campus. The constriction can be caused by many reasons, including military service, work schedules, geographical distance and disability.

With Distance Education classes, you can have the flexibility to take courses according to your own schedule. You’re allowed to complete the coursework outside the traditional classroom. The University of Oregon aims to offer maximum flexibility and convenience for students.

Various Selections of Academic Programs

The University of Oregon offers online courses from up to 12 academic programs, including a Master of Science degree in Applied Information Management as well. Though no fully online undergraduate degree programs are available currently, numerous classes are offered, like PHYS 101 Essentials of Physics, AAD 250 Art and Human Values and EC 201 Introduction to Microeconomics.

Please notice that all Distance Education classes are offered following the regular UO term schedule. Those online courses are not self-paced and are subject to the same rules and deadlines of regular term schedules. Typically, all online classes start the first day of a new term and the ending class falls into week ten.

Professional Instructors from University of Oregon

University of Oregon expands its educational mission beyond the campus through Distance Education. Exceptional classroom teaching is transferred from face-to-face delivery to virtual world teaching. All the online classes are delivered by faculty members of UO. These professional instructors will work with students to design classes that best fit for students’ needs. All staff member bear in mind one common purpose. They are committed to preserving the rigor of classroom instruction and enabling students to take classes wherever they may be.

Simple Registration Requirements

One important reason to choose University of Oregon’s online classes is their easy registration process. For regular admitted University of Oregon students and current Community Education Program students, the registration process can be done through the DuckWeb. Just enter your UO ID number and your personal access code. Click on the Login button and you can enroll in online classes just as you do for other UO classes.

For UO students who do not register for any class in four or more terms, a re-enrollment form should be submitted with the Office of the Registrar before applying for online classes. Even though you’re a part-time, non-admitted student, the University of Oregon provides enrollment chances through the Community Education Program. You’re permitted to register for up to 8 credits each term without formal admission.

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