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What to Get from Online Interior Design Schools?

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Online education has become the buzzword of modern society with an increasing percent of the world’s population realizing that education is a life-long experience.

Many working people couldn’t spare enough time and energy to attend traditional classes, as a result of which, they appeal to online schools. Online interior design schools are getting more popularity in this trend. One will get and gain a lot from studying in an online interior design school.

The Prospects of Interior Design

Interior design is not only a vibrant and creative profession, but also a job that offers substantial financial rewards. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that the average wages of interior designers was $52,100 in 2010, while the experienced designers earned more. Many designers are working for architectural firms, furniture stores and construction companies, while others may be self-employed.

Technically, interior design is a process to change a selected space into an aesthetic and conducive environment. The process is based on the end use of the selected area and the preference of the users. Interior design schools offer the needed programs to train you to design the interior of residential, commercial or industrial buildings and to make the best use of space.

Coursework at Online Interior Design Schools

An accredited interior design program is crucial if you want to become a real interior designer. Accredited online interior design school can open the door to this lucrative field. You can participate in certificate programs such as BFA, BA, MFA and MA programs and pick a course that suits you best. Coursework in such programs generally include office, restaurant, retail and residential design, drafting and planning, customer service and other basic graphics knowledge. Interior design can be divided into many sub-types, like:

• Interior decorating

• Interior design

• Set design

• Commercial interior design

• Exhibit design

• Lighting design

• Space planner

You may learn all these specialties in an interior design program, but you also need to be an expert in at least one aspect. Many online interior design schools can provide you with the needed programs and then degrees to set you on the way to a high-paid career with less time than do traditional schools.

The Popular Online Interior Design Schools in the US

The Academy of Art Universityin San Francisco is an accredited online school which allows students to finish their degree online, full-time or part-time, and which helps thousands of students achieve their professional and creative goals. The School of Interior Architecture & Design in this university is the exact place to help students develop intellectual, artistic and ethical abilities for interior design.

Students here can take part in several levels of programs and gain different degrees, like associate of arts(AA), bachelor of fine arts(BFA) and master of fine arts(MFA). The job and career opportunities include design assistant, junior designer, furniture designer, textile designer, project manager and more.

The Art Institute of Pittsburghalso offers BS degree in interior design. In its online programs, you can learn computer-aided drafting and design, 3-D design, space planning, problem-solving as well as some specialty design like exhibit design, hospitality design, retail store design and corporate design. In the Art Institute of Pittsburgh, its graduates can not only design, but also need to have perfect skills to communicate their design concept with the end users.

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