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Is Financial Aid Available for National University Online Degree Programs

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It is no secret that financial aid is available in most colleges and universities. But, do these schools offer financial aid for online degree programs? Definitely, yes!

Today, paying for college is a concern for many parents and students. Although participating in an online degree program can be more economical than attending a classroom-based degree program, the tuition rates may still be overwhelming to some. Fortunately, online students also have the opportunity to apply for federal student aid. Many colleges and universities including National University provide online students with the same grant and loan programs as on-campus students.

National University, founded in 1971, is the second largest private, non-profit institution of higher education in California and 12th largest in America. With administrative and academic headquarters in La Jolla, California, it is also a leader in online education, offering more than 70 degree programs (both undergraduate and graduate) online. These flexible online programs allow you to earn your degree on your schedule.

I. What financial aid available to National University online students?

As an added bonus for students who participate in National University online degree programs, there is also a wide range of financial aid available to help or delay the costs of their education and related expenses. At National University, the financial aid is mainly available as: grants and loans.

Main grants offered through National University include:

Federal Pell Grant – This is a grant program to help students with tuition cost. This program helps students who are working toward a first bachelor’s degree.

Academic Competitiveness Grant Program – This grant program helps covers the tuition costs. To obtain this grant, you must be a first or second-year college student. Plus, you must have successfully accomplished a strict secondary school program as well.

National SMART Grant – To assist with tuition fees, this grant program is designed specifically for third and fourth-year students who major in mathematics, science, technology, engineering or critical foreign languages.

Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant (FSEOG) – Like Pell Grant, the FSEOG requires students to be enrolled in a first bachelor’s degree. Awards are conferred to students who have an exceptional financial need, on a limited basis.

Cal Grant A – This is a state funded grant program to assist with tuition fees. Grant availability depends on financial need and grade point average. To receive this grant, students are required to be California residents who are looking to earn a first bachelor’s degree. In general, recipients of this award will be informed by the California Student Aid commission in June.

Cal Grant B – To help cover tuition cost, this is also a state funded grant program. The program is specially designed for those with high potential from disadvantaged / low-income families.

Main loans offered through National University include:

Federal Stafford Student Loan – This loan program helps students with educational expenses, with a fixed rate of 3.4%. With such a loan, students don’t have to make payments or pay the interest during full-time attendance or the first 6 months after their graduation.

Unsubsidized Federal Stafford Loan – The loan of this type us for students who may not be eligible for a subsidized Stafford loan or for students who may qualify for only part of subsidized Stafford loan. These loans have a fixed interest rate of 6.8% and borrowers need to pay the interest that accrues while they are in school during the grace period.

Federal Parent Loans for Students (PLUS) – The loan of this type is to help parents of undergraduate dependent students with educational costs. These loans have a fixed interest rate of 7.9% and the interest is not subsidized by the government.

Graduate Plus Loan – This is a government issued education loan designed for graduate and professional students. With a fixed interest rate of 7.9%, students can choose to defer the loan when they are enrolled at least half-time.

Federal Perkins Loan – With a low interest rate of 5%, Perkins loans assist students with tuition cost. However, these loans are funded on a limited basis to students with exceptional need.

II. How to qualify for financial aid at National University?

Need financial aid to pay for your National University online degree program? Though there is a wealth of financial aid available through National University, not all its students (including online students) can qualify for a loan or grant. To receive financial aid, you need to meet all of the federal eligibility requirements, including:

• Being a citizen in the United States or an eligible non-citizen

• Valid social security number

• Registering with Selective Service if needed

• Possessing a high school diploma or a General Education Development (GED) certificate

• Being enrolled in an eligible program (except for non-degree studies and continuing education programs) and having records evaluated by the Office of the Registrar

• Stating financial need as determined by the federal needs analysis process (except for the federal unsubsidized Stafford Loans)

• Keeping satisfactory academic progress, as defined by the University Financial Aid Office

• Signing a Statement of Education Purpose / Certification Statement on Overpayment and Default

• Accomplishing the verification process if necessary, by submitting a copy of federal tax forms and any other required documents

Note: National University avails of the budgets established by the California Student Aid Commission. These budgets are used to determine students’ eligibility for financial assistance.

Note: This web site is not affiliated with or connected to National University. For accurate and professional information, go to National University official site.

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