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Four Online MBA Programs Require No GMAT for Admission

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If you’re planning to pursue an MBA degree online, you can choose from dozens of options.

However, many online MBA programs require candidates to submit GMAT scores as an admission requirement. You may be required to submit a satisfactory GMAT score between 600 and 700 for admission. So most online MBA students have to sit for the Graduate Management Admission Test prior to enrollment.

It can be bad news for applicants with low or no GMAT scores. Are there any online programs that do not require GMAT scores for admission? Definitely yes! It’s possible to enroll in an online MBA program with no GMAT requirement.

Why choose online MBA programs without GMAT requirement?

Also known as the Graduate Management Admission Test, GMAT has been a part of the admission requirements for many business schools for long. The GMAT usually evaluates students’ verbal, mathematical and analytical writing skills. However, now more and more online MBA programs do not use GMAT scores to determine candidates’ eligibility for enrollment. One important reason is that institutions have realized that the standardized test cannot reflect the candidate’s real abilities.

As for students, preparing for GMAT can be both time-consuming and costly. A GMAT can cost students at least $250. The cost does not include additional fees for test prep materials, classes or late registration. So it can be a big financial burden for students taking GMAT.

Since most students enrolled in an online MBA program are working professionals with a busy schedule, they have no time to prepare for and take the test. Or they might not score well on the GMAT. That’s why online MBA programs with no GMAT requirements have gained popularity in recent years.

Working professionals usually have more than 5 years of full-time work experience in business. The professional work experience usually outweighs the standardized GMAT scores. Here, four online MBA programs that do not require GMAT for admission are recommended for you. You can choose the one that suits you best.

Northeastern University Online MBA Program

Accredited by the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB), the prestigious online MBA program at Northeastern University can prepare you for future career success in the global marketplace. It’s known that the AACSB accreditation almost stands for the hallmark of excellence in management education worldwide. Quality education can be guaranteed.

Unlike other online MBA programs, the Northeastern University online MBA program has a simple application process. Best of all, NO GMAT is required. To apply for this online MBA program, you just need to meet the following admission requirements:

• Have an undergraduate degree from an accredited institution of higher learning;

• A minimum of five years of professional work experience in participation and leadership of work teams, financial or budgetary responsibility or related business areas;

• Demonstrate English fluency and skills;

• A GPA score of 3.0 or higher;

This online MBA program offers various choices of specializations for an MBA degree, including finance, marketing, international management, healthcare management, innovation & entrepreneurship and high technology management. You can choose the one that interests you most.

To complete the program, you have to finish 17 courses for 50 credits. Generally, each course will take you three to seven weeks, based on how much time you spend every day. Online classes can be taken in the evening, on weekends or other convenient times that fit in your busy schedules.

Colorado State University Online MBA

Online MBA students at Colorado State University can receive the degree as traditional on-campus students. Colorado State University’s College of Business is accredited by the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business, the premier international accrediting agency for business schools. Thus you’re sure to earn a top online MBA degree through Colorado State University.

This online MBA program requires a total of 40 credits. You can choose to complete the program in as few as 21 months. However, if you cannot spend much time studying each week, this online program can be completed over three to five years based on your own schedule.

Your credits can be earned through both core courses and electives. Your total credits usually consist of 36 credits of core course work and 4 credits of elective courses. Generally, you need to complete core curriculum, such as marketing, human resource, entrepreneurship, finance & accounting and information technology & analysis.

Please notice that this online MBA program does not have various selections of specialization. You can choose to specialize in computer information systems or finance. An online MBA certificate in Federal Financial Management is also offered.

Well, you may want to know your eligibility for the program. Though this online program requires satisfactory GMAT/GRE scores, you may qualify for a waiver to the GMAT as long as you meet certain requirements. In order to petition for a GMAT waiver, you must have a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher in accredited undergraduate work. In addition, you must meet any of the two requirements below:

• Have a graduate degree, or

• Have 8 years of work experience or more at a full-time professional position and show evidence of progression and responsibility

If you qualify, make sure to complete the GMAT/GRE Waiver Form. Then you can sign the completed form and submit it together with your application packet.

Howard University Online Executive MBA Program

Howard University offers a distinguished online Executive MBA program, which is perfect for both experienced and emerging business leaders. If you have a busy working schedule, but want to strengthen your skills to the executive level, this online EMBA is definitely the ideal option.

Of course, candidates must meet the admission requirements to enroll in this online program. Though GMAT is recommended, it’s not mandatory. You still qualify for the program even if you do not have GMAT scores. This online EMBA program even does not necessarily require a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher.

However, an undergraduate degree from a regionally accredited college or university is essential. And you must have a minimum of seven years of professional work experience, including five years of work experience in a management or senior leadership role. The work experience can ensure that you have the ability to succeed in this rigorous program.

The online EMBA program highlights a curriculum that focuses on executive leadership. You can complete this online program in as little as 18 months. Up to 42 credit hours are required toward graduation. Online courses include MBA fundamentals, financial accounting, financial management, marketing strategy, entrepreneurship, managing the global business and applied economics for executives etc. After completing all these courses, you’ll gain competency for high-level leadership positions throughout the business world.

Florida Tech’s Online MBA Program

Florida Tech University is proud to offer up to 11 online MBA degrees. You can choose from various options of specializations, including international business, finance, healthcare management, accounting, Internet marketing and project management etc. A convenient online MBA degree can be earned WITHOUT requiring the GMAT, which is usually an essential admission requirement for graduate programs.

This 100% online MBA program does not require any campus attendance. All courses can be finished online based on your own schedule. The program requires a total of 36 credit hours toward graduation.

What makes this online MBA program really unique is the customizable curriculum. Florida Tech University can offer you a personalized MBA to suit your unique professional goals. By earning an online MBA degree through Florida Tech University, you’ll qualify for senior management and executive positions and earn much higher salaries. The Florida Tech’s online MBA degree program is the best bet for seasoned business professionals, entrepreneurs and traditional business executives who want to progress to a management position.

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