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Experiencing Online Courses in Purdue University

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As a flagship university of the six-campus Purdue University system with nation’s third largest Greek community, Purdue University is home to over 41,000 students and 200 academic programs for both undergraduate and graduate students.

It offers an environment of discovery and supportive approach by a record of achievement related to popular majors, including aerospace, engineering, architectural, electric engineering, mechanical engineering, science, technology and mathematics.

Purdue University also brings degree and credit certificate programs designed specially for students and learners who have less time to complete their college degree due to all types of constrictions. These degree and programs are available for online learning and well recognized home and abroad. Accredited by the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools, Purdue University offers rigorous, intellectually stimulating course work and personal support and the high-quality education for its students who can enjoy the ease of their home.

Here is an array of online programs that are worth discussing. They are related to online Design and Technology Curriculum.

• M.S.Ed. in Design and Technology

There are 33 credit hours required in online master’s degree of learning Design and Technology, in which 27 credit hours are required courses and 6 credit hours are for selective subjects. This online program includes 10 required courses, such as Foundations of Learning Design and Technology, Introduction to E-Learning, Learning Systems Design, Strategic Assessment and Evaluation, etc. Some courses might be unfamiliar for you. So why not check out details of some of its majors?

1. Systems Design

It focuses on the processes of instructional design on effective learning design strategies. You will design and evaluate an original lesson or unit of instruction and combine the emphasis on effective design and project management.

2. Human Performance Technology

This course introduces the filed of human performance technology with principles of human performance, research and application literature and other various approaches, which can solve the human performance problems.

• M.S.Ed. in Science in Learning Design and Technology

If you are teaching classes in secondary school or training employer to use software or equipment properly, attending Purdue M.S.Ed. in Learning Design and Technology can help you learn the research on learning theory, instructional design principles and encourage you to use your work experience as a framework for study. This program not only attracts design learners but also other professionals such as business, health care, military and others.

If you want to work on instructional design and technology in corporate training and development settings, or you wish to focus on technology-enhanced instruction in school-environments, this program can be your primary choice.

These online programs from Purdue University not only allow you to get classes at anytime you want, but also offer access for you to learn knowledge and skills. There are some well acknowledged benefits that you can not deny.

• Flexibility and convenience embody the main benefits of Purdue University online courses. If you have family obligations or jobs, you must find it hard to attend normal class. In this case, you can choose Purdue University online courses without constraint and regular attendance for traditional classes.

• In Purdue University, you can have a wide selection of its courses with more learning materials. These courses are essential for students with hands-on approach and a better interaction for students to partake. Moreover, you can correspond with other students who are enrolled in the same online courses.

• Some devices or equipment are required for some certain courses to assist students to get a better understanding of the content. For traditional classes, some of them are equipped with modern devices such as project screens, while others are not. The online classes are embodying its value with sufficient online tools such as web cameras, microphones and useful software tools.

• For self-disciplined students who have less time spending on traditional classes or have troubles making it to scheduled classes or paying attention to the continuous courses, online courses from Purdue University is a preferred choice. For this group of students, online classes allow them to manage their own schedule freely.

• Some of us feel shy to communicate face-to-face while attending the traditional classes. Things become totally different if we are participating in the online classes or a chat room. We may feel freer to communicate with others and find it is easy to express ourselves when putting “on the spot” on the online classes.

Indeed, online class learning requires your motivation and self-discipline and the ability to allot your time. Before settling down your mind to apply for an online program in Purdue University, you are advised to learn some experience from the following advices.

• First of all, distance learning courses require discipline. Thus it is a great chance for a working engineer who is self disciplined and in charge of learning. That is why people said, online classes do not welcome quiet students who have no questions.

• You can not attend the virtual classroom doesn’t mean you are isolated. In fact, in Purdue University, the staff and faculty are committed to bringing students vigorous, intellectually stimulating online courses and personal support. You can keep in touch with your faculty and download or upload assignments via emails. Some chat rooms are specially set for students to interact with their classmates.

• It is essential to maintain a high level of integrity of your exam process. Thus Purdue advises you to take exams under the presence of an approved proctor. The exam should be taken prior to the campus exam date and completed according to the guidelines set by your instructor.

• Based on the fact that the online courses can be accessible at anytime you want, you can make your schedule and set time of your online study for each time. These habits allow you to manage your time which is spent on the course assignments and interact with your classmates via discussion board.

• Make sure that you have obtained all learning materials before course beginning. Also, you can explore and utilize all courses as well as supplemental resources.

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