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Is It Possible to Get a High School Diploma from Online Public Schools?

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Undoubtedly, a high school diploma lays the basic foundation for higher education and future career advancement.

People without a diploma may find it difficult attending a university, community college or any management program at large companies. But many people are unable to attend a brick-and-mortar high school to get a diploma because of any kind of reasons, like unexpected illness.

Fortunately, a growing number of online high schools are available for students. For students who have to stay at home for health reasons or need to work at their own pace, distance learning is a wonderful option. Now online high schools are widely available in the majority of U.S. states. Each state might have different regulations on the requirements of diplomas earned from online schools.

In most cases, students are allowed to earn a high school diploma from online schools.

Picking up an online high school may be a big challenge. Parents usually have two options: private online schools and public online schools. What’s the difference?

Private Online Schools VS Public Online Schools

Just like traditional private schools, private online schools are not subject to government regulations. They have their own regulations and learning philosophy. Parents always need to pay very high tuition rates for their children’s education. Good private online schools should be accredited by the proper regional association so that the school’s transcripts will be accepted for college application.

Compared with private online schools, public online schools are the least expensive option for students to get a diploma as no tuition is charged. Since online public schools are also accredited by the proper organization, this is perhaps the best bet for earning a legitimate high school diploma.

Not all states have online public schools. But most states have some form of online public school courses for resident students. Lucky students can find fully online high school diploma programs in their states. On the contrary, some states only offer a limited number of virtual courses. If you’re determined to get your high school diploma through an online school, the following steps can help you a lot.

Step 1 – Check with Your State’s Regulations

Each state has different regulations on the availability of online diplomas. Contact your state’s department of education and find out whether you’re allowed to get your diploma online. If permitted, ask them what schools are available for you. You need to focus on public online school programs, which may include state-wide online schools and online charter schools. Sometimes you can also find some online private schools that receive government funding for in-state students.

Step 2 – Decide on a School You’d Like to Attend

After finding out possible selections of online public schools, you need to compare their courses, total required learning time or credits, class formats, learning resources, faculty and other related factors. The best way to choose a reliable online school is to contact a state university or community college counselor in your area. He/she can give you very professional advice on which to choose.

No matter which school you choose, one thing to make sure is that the online school must have fully online high school diploma programs, instead of limited online courses. It means that you can get a high school diploma upon successful completion.

Step 3 – Contact and Enroll in the Courses You Need to Get Your Diploma

Generally all pubic online schools offer the same classes as traditional high schools, such as science, mathematics, social studies, physical education and foreign languages etc. Choose among the courses that are beneficial to your diploma. Thereafter, contact the school you decide to attend and find out what you need to prepare for their enrollment. Start to work hard after enrollment and you’ll get your diploma upon completion of the program.

Extra Tips: Though online diploma programs are self-paced and are more convenient than ever. You still need to do some research to see whether online learning is right for you. You need to consider your learning styles, online schooling expenses and your future career goals as well. Not everyone can be disciplined to finish high school studies online. A great deal of self-motivation and responsibility is required to complete your studies at home.

There’re also age requirements for students attending public schools for diplomas. Students less than 16 years old are not allowed to finish high school studies online. Parental consent is needed for students under 18. Exceptions exist in some states certainly.

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